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October 30th

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On this day in Comedy History, October 30th, 1945, actor, producer, director and “Happy Days” sitcom star Henry Winkler was born in Manhattan, New York.

Bruce Willis

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Bruce Willis, actor and producer, this award-winning star has distinguished himself in dramatic, comedic and action roles. Before his big break, Willis worked as a security guard at a nuclear power plant, a driver at a DuPont factory and a bartender.

Sandra Bullock

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sandra bullock first jobSandra Bullock, actress and producer, this Academy Award winner knows how to shake up audiences with her funny and sincere performances in hits like “Speed”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Miss Congeniality” and “The Blind Side.” Bullock’s early work experience was behind a bar shaking cocktails as a bartender.

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Jack Nicholson

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jack nicholson first job

Jack Nicholson, Academy Award winning actor, producer and director has thrilled audiences with characters ranging from the sublime to the insanely sublime.  Some of Jack’s early job experiences included summer life guarding stints and work in a toy factory.