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Jack Nicholson

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jack nicholson first job

Jack Nicholson, Academy Award winning actor, producer and director has thrilled audiences with characters ranging from the sublime to the insanely sublime.  Some of Jack’s early job experiences included summer life guarding stints and work in a toy factory.

Jay Leno

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jay leno first job

Jay Leno, comedian and Tonight Show host had a good idea when he entered the workforce, he held two jobs one at McDonald’s and one at at Ford dealership.  Jay spent his pay from one job and saved his wages from the other, a practice he still maintains today banking his TV earnings and living off his  comedian proceeds.

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March 2nd, 2010 at 1:16 pm

George Clooney

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george clooney first job

George Clooney, actor / filmmaker, today maybe known for his dashing good looks and big screen characters but he started his work life selling men’s suits and cutting tobacco on a farm.

George Foreman

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george forman first job

George Foreman, two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion and Olympic gold medalist may be best known today as a commercial pitchman and grilling mogul.  Early on in George’s work life he was let go as a furniture mover.